Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Soviet Horde 1st Stage


Rather then carry on painting my German armour I’ve decided to start my Soviets. If I can get both of them painted to 1,500pts I can start having games with my mates. The following lists were taken from the Flames of War Fortress Europe.

So here is my Soviet force that I will use to take on the might of the Third Reich:

1x T-34/85

5x T-34/76
5x T-34/85
+copula x10

10 M4A2 Sherman [lend lease]

Assault guns:
3x SU-122

only issue is this lot comes to around the 1,440pts whilst the following list is 1,500pts

2x StuG III G [C.o & 2.I.C]

3x StuG II G

2x StuG III G

Heavy Tanks:
3x Tiger I E

Soviets = 27 vehicles
Germans =  10 vehicles

Not very good odds for the Germans as they will be out numbered 2.7 : 1
Then again the Germans are Confident Veterans Vs the Soviets Confident Trained. So the Russians will find it hard to their targets. And the Germans  should find it easier to hit the Ruskies. [Then again the Dice Gods never roll in our favour.] Once I have The Soviets painted I will be having a game with my mate and post the battle report here with pics.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tigers and StuGs

Tigers I E platoon

1st Platoon StuG III G platoon Lead by the C.O

2nd StuG III G platoon With 2.I.C in Rear.

They didn't take as long as I thought they would and were fun to paint. Still designing there bases and need to find some good 6mm decals for them. I want to make the C.O/2.I.C and Sergeants stand out more so will add Ariel, and extra bitz to their bases so I can tell them apart from the rest of the platoons.

next projects will be the German AA half tracks, artillery, more half tracks for the infantry and then heaps of infantry [going to be ordering my Germans and Soviets from Alder Miniatures .

Will post pics once we get them. Will add more pics later of the AA guns.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Final Stage of Camo pt II

I sorted out the things Laffe mentioned.

1] picked out the tracks located by the main gun, and on the front of the StuG
2] re-inked the tracks to create more shadows and to make them look more dirty.

these are now ready to be varnished up and based.

My brother inlaw has kindly taken these pics with his better skills and camera you can see how they look now.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Doing the Camo

Well here is my first attempt at painting 6mm WWII micro armour.


I did two thinned coats of white
undercoat. Then two thinned down base coats of mustard.

Stage 2:

Using thinned down brown paint I added in the first of the camo stripes.

Stage 3:

Next added in the green stripes again thinned down paint. didn't want to loose any detail.

Stage 4:

Almost done. have added in some highlights and also added metallic silver to the tracks. these are now ready to be inked.

Final Stage:

All have been inked and are ready to be based.
which will be another project once we decide on what size bases we will be using.

I think the green is a little bright but then again I wanted that brand spanking new look for this platoon to represent it coming straight from the factory.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Painting Has Finally Started

Yup I finally got a day where the Daughter was at school and the Wife and Son were at play center.

So I decided to start with a German StuG III G platoon and use them as a test for the over all paint scheme.
I am going for the late war yellow with green and brown camo stripes, though some may only have the yellow as I want to give this army a ad-hoc feel as if alot of their vehicles were rush straight from the factory with the base colour but no camo.

Stage 1: Setting up to
paint. the boring stage.

Stage 2: I placed the StuGs onto drawing pins so I could then set them up on to some foam chips I had left over. I used blue tac to stick them to the pins.

Stage 3: Undercoating done and now its time to make a coffee and do some chores while I wait for it to dry. Miserable day out side wet and windy. Will add one coat of undercoat then will add a nice mustard as base coat.

Now that I had done this I think I'll be looking for a piece of foam board rather then chips as they had a tendency to fall over if knocked. Will Post Pics once they have been base coated.

Friday, June 3, 2011

GHQ 1/2 Scale Templates From Litko

6x Smoke templates
1x Air Support Template [clear]
1x Artillery Template [Fluorescent Orange]
1x Smoke Template [Translucent Grey]
1x Barrage Template [Fluorescent Yellow]

The 1/2 and 2/3rd sizes do not come elevated you will need to email the guys at Litko to get them to customize it so they can be then elevated. Well worth the added cost as it will save time and your paint job.....