Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Latest Project: Outrider Game


Its been some time since I blogged been really busy but from today onwards I am going to try and blog at least twice a week about what ever gaming stuff I am working on planning on to do or other game related

This project came about from seeing a Kickstarter project that was trying to bring a 10mm scale road kill game into the market.

It brought back memories of Dark Future that my mates played back in the day as I never got into Car wars like the rest of my friends did I was to hooked into WH40k and WHFB to see any other type of game.

Well I was backing that project until I found Outrider Car Game.
you can find a copy here $5USD to buy and you can then print it out at your leisure.
or try this site:

The game rules aren’t to complicated like some of the Car battle games that were made in the 80’s and its a game that could be picked up and played with the kids. If you’ve played the game like X-wing or Wings of war/glory then this game will be simple for you to get your head around and play.

Each Vehicle can fit into a standard type of car, truck or van. You can customize each one by deciding on how strong or weak the different sections are. You can choose which dice you want to allocate to the four areas are. The lower dice are either rookie drivers, small engine, light or no armour, and/or lightly armed compared to the high end dice choice where your a lone wolf who is very experienced and has massive amount of armour and a Big block engine and a gun that he is over compensating for. 
You allocate the dice amount to each area as follows:
Engine: D6, D8, D10, D12
Driver: D6, D8, D10, D12
Armour: D6, D8, D10, D12
Weapons: D6, D8, D10, D12
Movement is done by placing down movement cards much like how Wings of War/Glory work.
You have a certain amount of Action points to use per turn and the amount is derived from what engine you have. Also you have three attack tokens to use per turn. I am going to have a game at the end of the week to show how the game is played and see how the kids like it will go into more detail then but for now here are the cars we converted up.. the kids helped with the weapon configuration and colour scheme and I painted them up and glues the weapons on..

Sin Eaters:
Misfits, Rejects, atheists, and the forlorn have gathered together each one blames the Church for the wars and the ends of days. Some are truly evil others are just lost...


2013-09-24 13.55.16

2013-09-24 13.54.46

United Road Workers:[URW]
The back bone of America these men and women were those responsible for the repair and construction of the many highways. Now they protect what they can and keep it open for all to use.

The Foreman:
2013-09-24 13.53.37

Road Hazard:
2013-09-24 13.54.18

Strike Fire:
2013-09-24 13.53.24

Angel's of the Apocalypse:
The remnants of the Church have banded together to protect those that can not protect themselves. Some say they are touched by God other's by insanity and delusions.

Fire of God:
2013-09-24 13.52.33

Divine Right:
2013-09-24 13.52.46

Heaven's Might:
2013-09-24 13.53.00

Red Star Rangers:
What's left of those who were the law enforcers. These brave men and women risk it all to bring peace and stability to the regions they patrol.

Ranger 077:
2013-09-24 13.55.49

2013-09-24 13.56.10

Monday, August 5, 2013


ok Gents Grindhouse Games has launched a Kickstarter project: INCURSION!!!!

The core game comes with the following:

please go check out the different pledge types and see what you think I have had this game on my Radar for some time and its now time to take the plunge, come join me.


Friday, October 5, 2012

KickStarter: Classic Dungeon Adventurers Miniature Set- Chibi Anime Style

From Impact Miniatures comes these cute Dungeon Adventure heroes, monsters and just plan bad guys/girls.
The Heroes:

The Baddies:

Demon Prince

Evil Fighter

Shadow Demon

The 1st Horde of Baddies [Goblin, Pig Nosed Orc, BullyWogs]

We are almost the the next goal and will then get the above mentioned Horde of baddies. I know I’ll be wanting alot of the BullyWogs for sure they look awesome.

I am at the Champion Level which gets me a swag of things.

go to their Kickstarter page and see what the hype is all about

see you on their comments page and lets make this the Number 1 Kickstarter project for Tom and the Impact Miniatures Company…

Friday, August 31, 2012

DREADBALL by Mantic Games




Manrtic Games has a new Kickstarter Project: DREADBALL!!!!

A fast paced action packed board game. If you like BloodBowl I am sure your going to love Dreadball.

The current Striker pack is a popular level to pledge. With 46 minis so far and more on the way this game looks amazing and will be in our hot little hands by December 2012.

Currently 4 teams:
Corporation ~ Humans
Marauders ~ Orx
Forge Fathers ~ Dwarfs
Veer-myn ~ Ratmen


Recent Goal: Wild-Card


Current goal: Extras000adef85f34f903e1ce2526ab517f3d_large
2 extra Corporation and Marauder Miniatures. this will bring us up to 12 Human and 12 Orx in the main box set.

Next Goal: John Doe
New MvP John Doe:

So if you already haven’t done so pop over to the Dreadball Kickstarter project and have a look see what you think and hopefully pledge up.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pirate Goblin Box Set Indiegogo UPDATE II


Raised of $2,500 Goal

29 days left

Update From Bruno

based on popular demand the set of dice if now available as a separate purchase for all existing funders. the dice will be green with a pirate goblin head replacing the "1" side. I'm finishing the mock-up and will post it today or tomorrow on this page.
If you want a set of 6 dice just add $10 to your perk (there is no need to cancel the existing one, just add $10 and it will be fine). The set will be sent with the miniatures post free worldwide !
For those who want more than 6 miniatures you can also choose to add more miniatures to your perk, any funder from the $30 level can add 1 miniature by adding $4 to his order, and of course you can do it as much as you want (you'll be able to choose individually which ones you want at the end of the campaign).
In the same vein if you change your mind and want more miniatures you can adjust your pledge at any time (for example if you opted for 1 set à $30 and finally decide that 2 sets would be better you just have to send the difference, that is $20 and tell me so in the survey at the end of the campaign).
I will send a survey at the end of the campaign so that you can detail what you exactly want based on the amount spent.
There are more stuff in the work but it seems that the summer heat makes all things longer than usual to be done !

Just a reminder what the next goal will offer us:

If I manage to collect $5,000 then each miniature will be provided with a round 25mm resin scenic base instead of a bland plastic slotta base. This will apply to all perks containing miniatures, even the random one. All complete sets will then be in a collectable card box with exclusive art.
From this point the box set wil include your name (or nickname) as a supporter and will be signed by me.
I'll add to this a set of 6 exclusive green 6 sided dice with a pirate goblin head on one side (design to come) !

So we now need to get $2,007 then we get the new bases and a set of dice [I am going to buy a set regardless, and add at least three more gobbos to my band. one each of the generic looking ones,]

A big thx to those who have supported this project so far. With 29 days still left we will see many more goals and offers come our way. If there is anything anyone wants to let me know and I'll see if I can find out the answer.

Lord GreyWolf

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pirate Goblin Box Set ~ Indiegogo UPDATE



Raised of $2,500 Goal

31 days left

Congrats to all the supporters so far we have reached the first goal. Now we need to get to $5,000USD so we get the Resin bases and Goblin dice.

Also we got an update from Bruno:
Bruno Galice posted an announcement 16 hours ago

Thanks to YOU, all the supporter of this project, the first goal has been reached, every funder getting a full set ($30 or more) will receive 6 figures in each set.

I will update the home page of the project later today and will announce some new stuff by the end of the week !

Stay tuned for more information from me and thank you again !!!

Some art work they are working on:

Will update later in the week with the goods on what's going to be added to the offer.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

ACW Project 5th Update

It was time to add the flags to my previously painted units. I only use one flag per Regiment/Brigade. I got the flags from:
The Wargame Vault

A full unit can be 2 stands to 4 stands. [a stand = 1 base]
I only use flags for the lead stand.

I printed the flags on to adhesive paper and saved the hassle of using glue. It took me a bit of time to get the fit right but I got it down now.

Here is an example of the Union:

Here is an example of the Confederate:

Also here is a scale comparison:

Will post more as I paint them.

Lord GreyWolf