Thursday, May 12, 2011

The miniatures arrived from Odin Art & Collectables.
Considering we paid for these a week and a half ago and they were coming from the U.S to lil ole New Zealand that was dam fast. Really happy with the service we received from Brad at Odin and would recommend him to any one.

The minis were secure in their plastic cases with foam insert. Only thing with the CnC range is to be careful with the tank barrels as they can bend and break. I can see now how some gamers are terrified of painting 6mm minis they are so tiny.
Each container was labeled clearly with the item code and name. And were also color coded to each nation. [Soviets-red, U.S-green, Germans-white etc]

I love the T-34 and was really happy to see that there is a big difference in the T-34/76 and the T-34/85 enough for me to notice on the battle field. The IL2's look great just need to sort out their bases. Still have to get infantry figs for my Tank rider platoon and armoured infantry platoon which will be using captured German half tracks.

As for the quality I was pretty happy over all the minis were easily identifiable and had decent detail. I have a lot of metal to paint now and base. Still waiting on the templates from Litko which should be here next week. Getting the FoW Rule book from MarkOne Games and Comics.
One of our local gaming shops [well for me its a 45minute drive to go there so as local as it can get.]

I didn't get any planes from Odin for the Germans as I had already gotten 3x Stukas and 3x HS129B's from Raiden Miniatures. So my Germans have a decent Bomber and Anti-tank airforce. I am still contemplating that my list is missing Recon and I should have gotten some just not sure what. This army is going to be out numbered by 2:1 odds when facing off against the Soviets just hope the Tigers can do well. Will post pics and blog regarding our games once we get them painted up.

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