Sunday, July 29, 2012

ACW Project 5th Update

It was time to add the flags to my previously painted units. I only use one flag per Regiment/Brigade. I got the flags from:
The Wargame Vault

A full unit can be 2 stands to 4 stands. [a stand = 1 base]
I only use flags for the lead stand.

I printed the flags on to adhesive paper and saved the hassle of using glue. It took me a bit of time to get the fit right but I got it down now.

Here is an example of the Union:

Here is an example of the Confederate:

Also here is a scale comparison:

Will post more as I paint them.

Lord GreyWolf

ACW Buildings from Total Battle Miniatures


Gettysburg Seminary:

Assorted Buildings: Resin

Assorted Buildings: Resin

Assorted Buildings: Resin

The Town set up: A flexible resin tile is used.

Dirt Roads: flexible resin.

Rail fences: Metal

Snake Fences: Metal

Overall these pics do not do the Buildings any justice [add it up to my failing as a photographer]
These minis are not cheap but are not overly expensive. The detail is amazing and as I really wanted the Gettysburg Seminary [It will be part of my 1st day battles of Gettysburg]
The service was good with no hassles. For international buyers the quoted postage cost is for overland NOT air mail. You will need to pay extra.
but its not much more. so its all good. I am rather nervous about painting these buildings I have never used Resin terrain before and its all quite new. they did provide me with an in depth painting guide. The good thing about ACW buildings is the patchier the painting the better, [eg weathered]
I'll post pics once I get them started.

Total Battle Miniatures


Friday, July 27, 2012

Pirate Goblins Box Set ~ at Indiegogo


French designer who has decided to use indiegogo as Kickstarter is not available in Europe yet.


These Gobbos would be great for the Cutlass game or even Mordheim.
and at $30USD for the first 5 [the additional 6th gobbo is added once they reach the target] which also includes worldwide postage is a BARGAIN!!!!
only thing you need to beware is that payment is upfront. its not like kickstarter where the money is taken once the project is funded. This one the money is taken when you pledge your level. so this particular project is more of a pre-order but we are hoping we will get to see more of these awesome pirate goblins.

Lord Greywolf

ACW Project 4th Update

Here is the start of the Confederate Army:
Currently painting up some Confederate Artillery, and Cavalry. Will update once these are done. Been asked to show how I paint up 6mm miniatures so once the Cavalry and artillery are done I’ll do a stage by stage progress on the next Confederate Infantry I do.
Lord GreyWolf

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ACW Project 3rd Update


Well I finished my Union Napoleon Cannons and also added in some Tokens.

Napoleon Cannons:100_8220

K.I.A Tokens:

I have made them rather bright so they stand out more on the battlefield.
I tried them darker but they just didn't "pop" or "Stand out" so I made them brighter and you can see quite easy that these have dead troopers.
Will be adding a whole heap more of these tokens once I get more casualties. Adler Miniatures don't have any mounted Casualties anyone know where I could find some 6mm versions?
I have started painting up the first of the Confederate units, should have it done tonight, also undercoated 6 Napoleon cannons, and a unit of Confederate Cavalry.
Will post more pics once these have been done.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ACW Project 2nd Update


Well I got Buford’s Union Cavalry done last night and here is the finished unit:


The Union army is coming along nicely ALOT more to come but after I get the Union Napoleon Cannons done I’ll start onto a Confederate force.

Will post more pics soon.

Lord GreyWolf

Monday, July 23, 2012

My ACW Project


After many years waiting I have finally taken the plunge and dipped my fingers into 6mm American Civil War.

The Rule set I’ll be using is American Civil Warmaster.  Basically its the Warmaster rule set tweaked to fit with the ACW period.
I am currently painting up the Union army first well a small force of them for starters then I will start onto the Confederate army.

I am going to be starting off with the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg.
In the process of painting up Buford's Cavalry, both mounted and dismounted, more cannons but Napoleon short ranges cannons. Once these are done it will be onto the boys in grey.

Here is the start of my project:

Union troops from the V Corps 1st Division. The defenders of Little Big top.

Union Rifled Cannon Brigade. Used against Picketts Charge on the last day.
Union Iron Brigade. Some of the first troops to engage the Confederates.

This project will not be a quick one with over a thousand troops to paint not including all of the officers, Cavalry, cannons and Terrain its going to take a long time. But its going to be well worth the wait.

All my ACW miniatures are from Adler Miniatures.

I also got sent some ACW terrain from Total Battle Miniatures. These sweat resin buildings, metal fences will be awesome to use. I also got the rubber roads and tile set for me to make up a town to represent Gettysburg and the Seminary as well.

I’ll post pics of these buildings soon. Once I get the Cavalry done will post pics.

Lord GreyWolf

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cygnar Colossal Unboxing !!!!!

Here’s my newest addition to my Cygnar Armies. The Mighty STORMWALL!

The Packaging:
The Contents:

The Planning Stage:
The Gluing has Commenced:

The Final Stage:

Size Comparison:
Hunter Light Warjack, Sentinel Light Warjack, Stormclad Heavy Warjack

This was a pleasure to construct [most likely due to the size of it] I have the Khador and Cryx Colossal’s on pre-order and once the Merc one comes out it shell be mine.
I’ll post pics of the painting and how it comes out. Only thing is I am going to have to do some re-touches on my Warjack horde so they match the Stormwall.
happy gaming guys
Lord GreyWolf


I stumbled on to this game around November last year and wanted it for myself and my two kids. We have played board games before and they wanted to play some thing new. But due to Soda Pop Miniatures selling out it was only until a few weeks ago I was able to get a copy [which I have had on back order for the last 6 months or more.]

I know a few of my mates were looking at this game as well for them and their own kids and to me it is great. The rules are pretty simple, the combat is not overly hard to grasp and there are added rules to make it challenging for the players. With 4 expansions on the Horizon this game could only get bigger.
Will post up some shots of the painted minis once I get them done and a battle report of our first game.

The Box:
The Tokens and Rule Book:
The Tiles:
The Dashboard:
The Dice:

The Minis:
The Cards: