Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ACW Project 3rd Update


Well I finished my Union Napoleon Cannons and also added in some Tokens.

Napoleon Cannons:100_8220

K.I.A Tokens:

I have made them rather bright so they stand out more on the battlefield.
I tried them darker but they just didn't "pop" or "Stand out" so I made them brighter and you can see quite easy that these have dead troopers.
Will be adding a whole heap more of these tokens once I get more casualties. Adler Miniatures don't have any mounted Casualties anyone know where I could find some 6mm versions?
I have started painting up the first of the Confederate units, should have it done tonight, also undercoated 6 Napoleon cannons, and a unit of Confederate Cavalry.
Will post more pics once these have been done.


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