Monday, July 23, 2012

My ACW Project


After many years waiting I have finally taken the plunge and dipped my fingers into 6mm American Civil War.

The Rule set I’ll be using is American Civil Warmaster.  Basically its the Warmaster rule set tweaked to fit with the ACW period.
I am currently painting up the Union army first well a small force of them for starters then I will start onto the Confederate army.

I am going to be starting off with the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg.
In the process of painting up Buford's Cavalry, both mounted and dismounted, more cannons but Napoleon short ranges cannons. Once these are done it will be onto the boys in grey.

Here is the start of my project:

Union troops from the V Corps 1st Division. The defenders of Little Big top.

Union Rifled Cannon Brigade. Used against Picketts Charge on the last day.
Union Iron Brigade. Some of the first troops to engage the Confederates.

This project will not be a quick one with over a thousand troops to paint not including all of the officers, Cavalry, cannons and Terrain its going to take a long time. But its going to be well worth the wait.

All my ACW miniatures are from Adler Miniatures.

I also got sent some ACW terrain from Total Battle Miniatures. These sweat resin buildings, metal fences will be awesome to use. I also got the rubber roads and tile set for me to make up a town to represent Gettysburg and the Seminary as well.

I’ll post pics of these buildings soon. Once I get the Cavalry done will post pics.

Lord GreyWolf

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