Friday, October 5, 2012

KickStarter: Classic Dungeon Adventurers Miniature Set- Chibi Anime Style

From Impact Miniatures comes these cute Dungeon Adventure heroes, monsters and just plan bad guys/girls.
The Heroes:

The Baddies:

Demon Prince

Evil Fighter

Shadow Demon

The 1st Horde of Baddies [Goblin, Pig Nosed Orc, BullyWogs]

We are almost the the next goal and will then get the above mentioned Horde of baddies. I know I’ll be wanting alot of the BullyWogs for sure they look awesome.

I am at the Champion Level which gets me a swag of things.

go to their Kickstarter page and see what the hype is all about

see you on their comments page and lets make this the Number 1 Kickstarter project for Tom and the Impact Miniatures Company…

Friday, August 31, 2012

DREADBALL by Mantic Games




Manrtic Games has a new Kickstarter Project: DREADBALL!!!!

A fast paced action packed board game. If you like BloodBowl I am sure your going to love Dreadball.

The current Striker pack is a popular level to pledge. With 46 minis so far and more on the way this game looks amazing and will be in our hot little hands by December 2012.

Currently 4 teams:
Corporation ~ Humans
Marauders ~ Orx
Forge Fathers ~ Dwarfs
Veer-myn ~ Ratmen


Recent Goal: Wild-Card


Current goal: Extras000adef85f34f903e1ce2526ab517f3d_large
2 extra Corporation and Marauder Miniatures. this will bring us up to 12 Human and 12 Orx in the main box set.

Next Goal: John Doe
New MvP John Doe:

So if you already haven’t done so pop over to the Dreadball Kickstarter project and have a look see what you think and hopefully pledge up.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pirate Goblin Box Set Indiegogo UPDATE II


Raised of $2,500 Goal

29 days left

Update From Bruno

based on popular demand the set of dice if now available as a separate purchase for all existing funders. the dice will be green with a pirate goblin head replacing the "1" side. I'm finishing the mock-up and will post it today or tomorrow on this page.
If you want a set of 6 dice just add $10 to your perk (there is no need to cancel the existing one, just add $10 and it will be fine). The set will be sent with the miniatures post free worldwide !
For those who want more than 6 miniatures you can also choose to add more miniatures to your perk, any funder from the $30 level can add 1 miniature by adding $4 to his order, and of course you can do it as much as you want (you'll be able to choose individually which ones you want at the end of the campaign).
In the same vein if you change your mind and want more miniatures you can adjust your pledge at any time (for example if you opted for 1 set à $30 and finally decide that 2 sets would be better you just have to send the difference, that is $20 and tell me so in the survey at the end of the campaign).
I will send a survey at the end of the campaign so that you can detail what you exactly want based on the amount spent.
There are more stuff in the work but it seems that the summer heat makes all things longer than usual to be done !

Just a reminder what the next goal will offer us:

If I manage to collect $5,000 then each miniature will be provided with a round 25mm resin scenic base instead of a bland plastic slotta base. This will apply to all perks containing miniatures, even the random one. All complete sets will then be in a collectable card box with exclusive art.
From this point the box set wil include your name (or nickname) as a supporter and will be signed by me.
I'll add to this a set of 6 exclusive green 6 sided dice with a pirate goblin head on one side (design to come) !

So we now need to get $2,007 then we get the new bases and a set of dice [I am going to buy a set regardless, and add at least three more gobbos to my band. one each of the generic looking ones,]

A big thx to those who have supported this project so far. With 29 days still left we will see many more goals and offers come our way. If there is anything anyone wants to let me know and I'll see if I can find out the answer.

Lord GreyWolf

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pirate Goblin Box Set ~ Indiegogo UPDATE



Raised of $2,500 Goal

31 days left

Congrats to all the supporters so far we have reached the first goal. Now we need to get to $5,000USD so we get the Resin bases and Goblin dice.

Also we got an update from Bruno:
Bruno Galice posted an announcement 16 hours ago

Thanks to YOU, all the supporter of this project, the first goal has been reached, every funder getting a full set ($30 or more) will receive 6 figures in each set.

I will update the home page of the project later today and will announce some new stuff by the end of the week !

Stay tuned for more information from me and thank you again !!!

Some art work they are working on:

Will update later in the week with the goods on what's going to be added to the offer.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

ACW Project 5th Update

It was time to add the flags to my previously painted units. I only use one flag per Regiment/Brigade. I got the flags from:
The Wargame Vault

A full unit can be 2 stands to 4 stands. [a stand = 1 base]
I only use flags for the lead stand.

I printed the flags on to adhesive paper and saved the hassle of using glue. It took me a bit of time to get the fit right but I got it down now.

Here is an example of the Union:

Here is an example of the Confederate:

Also here is a scale comparison:

Will post more as I paint them.

Lord GreyWolf

ACW Buildings from Total Battle Miniatures


Gettysburg Seminary:

Assorted Buildings: Resin

Assorted Buildings: Resin

Assorted Buildings: Resin

The Town set up: A flexible resin tile is used.

Dirt Roads: flexible resin.

Rail fences: Metal

Snake Fences: Metal

Overall these pics do not do the Buildings any justice [add it up to my failing as a photographer]
These minis are not cheap but are not overly expensive. The detail is amazing and as I really wanted the Gettysburg Seminary [It will be part of my 1st day battles of Gettysburg]
The service was good with no hassles. For international buyers the quoted postage cost is for overland NOT air mail. You will need to pay extra.
but its not much more. so its all good. I am rather nervous about painting these buildings I have never used Resin terrain before and its all quite new. they did provide me with an in depth painting guide. The good thing about ACW buildings is the patchier the painting the better, [eg weathered]
I'll post pics once I get them started.

Total Battle Miniatures


Friday, July 27, 2012

Pirate Goblins Box Set ~ at Indiegogo


French designer who has decided to use indiegogo as Kickstarter is not available in Europe yet.


These Gobbos would be great for the Cutlass game or even Mordheim.
and at $30USD for the first 5 [the additional 6th gobbo is added once they reach the target] which also includes worldwide postage is a BARGAIN!!!!
only thing you need to beware is that payment is upfront. its not like kickstarter where the money is taken once the project is funded. This one the money is taken when you pledge your level. so this particular project is more of a pre-order but we are hoping we will get to see more of these awesome pirate goblins.

Lord Greywolf

ACW Project 4th Update

Here is the start of the Confederate Army:
Currently painting up some Confederate Artillery, and Cavalry. Will update once these are done. Been asked to show how I paint up 6mm miniatures so once the Cavalry and artillery are done I’ll do a stage by stage progress on the next Confederate Infantry I do.
Lord GreyWolf

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ACW Project 3rd Update


Well I finished my Union Napoleon Cannons and also added in some Tokens.

Napoleon Cannons:100_8220

K.I.A Tokens:

I have made them rather bright so they stand out more on the battlefield.
I tried them darker but they just didn't "pop" or "Stand out" so I made them brighter and you can see quite easy that these have dead troopers.
Will be adding a whole heap more of these tokens once I get more casualties. Adler Miniatures don't have any mounted Casualties anyone know where I could find some 6mm versions?
I have started painting up the first of the Confederate units, should have it done tonight, also undercoated 6 Napoleon cannons, and a unit of Confederate Cavalry.
Will post more pics once these have been done.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ACW Project 2nd Update


Well I got Buford’s Union Cavalry done last night and here is the finished unit:


The Union army is coming along nicely ALOT more to come but after I get the Union Napoleon Cannons done I’ll start onto a Confederate force.

Will post more pics soon.

Lord GreyWolf

Monday, July 23, 2012

My ACW Project


After many years waiting I have finally taken the plunge and dipped my fingers into 6mm American Civil War.

The Rule set I’ll be using is American Civil Warmaster.  Basically its the Warmaster rule set tweaked to fit with the ACW period.
I am currently painting up the Union army first well a small force of them for starters then I will start onto the Confederate army.

I am going to be starting off with the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg.
In the process of painting up Buford's Cavalry, both mounted and dismounted, more cannons but Napoleon short ranges cannons. Once these are done it will be onto the boys in grey.

Here is the start of my project:

Union troops from the V Corps 1st Division. The defenders of Little Big top.

Union Rifled Cannon Brigade. Used against Picketts Charge on the last day.
Union Iron Brigade. Some of the first troops to engage the Confederates.

This project will not be a quick one with over a thousand troops to paint not including all of the officers, Cavalry, cannons and Terrain its going to take a long time. But its going to be well worth the wait.

All my ACW miniatures are from Adler Miniatures.

I also got sent some ACW terrain from Total Battle Miniatures. These sweat resin buildings, metal fences will be awesome to use. I also got the rubber roads and tile set for me to make up a town to represent Gettysburg and the Seminary as well.

I’ll post pics of these buildings soon. Once I get the Cavalry done will post pics.

Lord GreyWolf

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cygnar Colossal Unboxing !!!!!

Here’s my newest addition to my Cygnar Armies. The Mighty STORMWALL!

The Packaging:
The Contents:

The Planning Stage:
The Gluing has Commenced:

The Final Stage:

Size Comparison:
Hunter Light Warjack, Sentinel Light Warjack, Stormclad Heavy Warjack

This was a pleasure to construct [most likely due to the size of it] I have the Khador and Cryx Colossal’s on pre-order and once the Merc one comes out it shell be mine.
I’ll post pics of the painting and how it comes out. Only thing is I am going to have to do some re-touches on my Warjack horde so they match the Stormwall.
happy gaming guys
Lord GreyWolf


I stumbled on to this game around November last year and wanted it for myself and my two kids. We have played board games before and they wanted to play some thing new. But due to Soda Pop Miniatures selling out it was only until a few weeks ago I was able to get a copy [which I have had on back order for the last 6 months or more.]

I know a few of my mates were looking at this game as well for them and their own kids and to me it is great. The rules are pretty simple, the combat is not overly hard to grasp and there are added rules to make it challenging for the players. With 4 expansions on the Horizon this game could only get bigger.
Will post up some shots of the painted minis once I get them done and a battle report of our first game.

The Box:
The Tokens and Rule Book:
The Tiles:
The Dashboard:
The Dice:

The Minis:
The Cards:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

WWII Project


After Obsessing with what Rules I’d be using for my 6mm WWII minis I have finally chosen: Blitzkrieg Commander II

you can buy PDF rules from here:

Or follow the link on the above page to Lulu and buy a printed book from them.

I wanted to play my games set around the Late War Eastern Front.
So with that major choice behind me, I now had to decide on what bases to use for BKC II. I was thinking that this task would be alot easier then my first one task [which rules to use] I was so wrong. As BKC II is used for 15mm, 10mm and 6mm scales, the base size varies alot. Even between those players in the 6mm scale there is not standard size for bases.

So after much research, chats on the forums, I have decided on the following sizes:

Co: 50mm round base
HQ: 40mm round base
FAO: 30mm round base
FAC: 30mm round base
Snipers: 20mm round base
Tanks: 20mm x 40mm bases
Transport: 20mm x 40mm bases
Infantry: 40mm x 20mm bases
Infantry Support: 20mm x40mm bases
Infantry Conscripts: 40mm x 30mm bases
Artillery:  30mm x 40mm bases
Recce: 30mm x 30mm rounded corners
Recce Transport: 20mm x 40mm rounded corners

The other thing I have done for my infantry is the following:
SMG units: 3 figs per stand
Vet units: 4 figs per stand
Regular units: 5 figs per stand
Conscript units: 6 figs per stand
HMG units: 2 HMG per stand

The other cool thing is with your Co and HQ stands you can make mini dioramas, mine have mostly armour with some troops on them.

I’ll post pics as I go if I can remember to do so. One more thing the real main reasons I chose BKC II over all of the other rules were for the following reasons:

* Solo play: I can play by myself which is a must as there is no gaming community where I am.
* Point system: I prefer having a points system its what I know and comfortable using.
* Rules: the rules are not over whelming and will slow down game play. not to many charts for me to have to flick through just to shoot one stand of tanks.
* further options: Not only is there Blitzkrieg Commander II which covers WWII, they also do Cold War Commander and Future War Commander which will let me do alternate games [Eg WWIII,] and also use old Epic40k minis in some Future war battles.

So over all a fantastic game and one that can be used in any scale. So if you haven’t looked at this rule set go do it now. Pete is on their forums he is the man behind BKC, BKC II, CWC, and FWC.

Lord GreyWolf

Friday, May 25, 2012

ARRRGGHHH So many things To DO!!!

Well the title says it all. I have been really busy with Work, family and other real life stuff I haven’t had much time to update this blog.

My gaming work load is huge I seem to be collecting more then actually painting and gluing up stuff. So far I have the following on the cards , in prep-stage, undercoated, in transit, on pre-order of part of Kickstarter project.


Cyganr: Added more jacks, still got to order my 2 Avengers, Also have pre-ordered my Colossal and 3Nemo, Haven’t done much in the way of painting. on the painting shelf:
2x Minuteman war jacks
1x pStryker
1x eStryker
1x pCaine
1x Katherine Laddermore  Mounted
1x Katherine Laddermore Dismounted
1x Hunter Warjack
3x Stromlancers
1x Master gunner
1x Gun Mage Adept [In Transit]

Mercs: Got alot of stuff to paint up with these:1x McBaine
1x Rocinante Warjack
1x Alexia
17x Risen
3x Thrall
1x Master Holt
1x Lady Aiyana
12x Steelhead Halberdiers

On top of those painting projects been busy painting up a Prisoner exchange at the Death Squad site:

great site for those who want to play WH40k in a skirmish setting.

From Greebo is my other busy project with the Rule book finally coming out in English I have been working through it to make sure it makes sense. The game is based [and loosely based] on Gaelic football. It is very fast and very quick to learn [145 pages in the Rule book and of those only 15 pages are actual rules. The rest is fluff]
Currently been playing against my 6 year old Daughter and she is picking up the rules pretty quick. Just want to know how she rolls those 10’s, 11’s and 12’s when she needs to roll high or 1 to 5 when she needs to roll low.
The great thing about this game there is NO special dice, NO special ruler,
and GREAT game support from the manufacturer.
I have so far bought the Orc team, Necro team, and have the Dwarf and Poffy teams on order. plus some Mercs as well will post pics soon.
Check them out on:

WWII Rule set quest:
This has been a long process for me trying to find a rule set that I could use for my 6mm German and Soviet lists. Alot of the guys from the 6mm-Yahoo mailing list have helped me with this dilemma. But after reading through many types of rules sets:

Command decision
Battlefront WWII
Flames of War
I Ain’t Been Shot Mum!
Rapid Fire!
Blitzkrieg Commander II

After all that research I have decided to use Blitzkrieg commander II as this has the feel I want, can be played Solo, and uses a points system which I prefer. I want a war game not a simulator. My Brother inlaw will also use these rules and play his Germans and Brits. Will post updates as this comes along awaiting a large order of Germans and some Soviet stuff to arrive from Heroic and Ros. Will also do a review on them when they arrive.
you can find info about BKC here:

you can also play:

Cold War Commander:

Future War Commander:

I am looking at getting two 3,000 points FWC to play a campaign set on Ahdra IV the Loyalist Protus forces are trying to quell a rebellion from the Workers guilds. Friends, families, comrades are now facing each other across the battle field. It will become civil war, Lord Kendros has sent his Industrial soldiers into the effected zones with orders to use what ever force is required to get it under control. It was these very orders that caused a third of these troops to defect to the rebellions cause….. more to come.,

I am getting my FWC from  Dark Realm Miniatures a great range and you can use then with FWC inf act there are alot of different companies miniatures that can be used with FWC.


I have also been investing time and $$$ into a couple of Kickstarter projects the First one was Zombicide which was a huge success. a Zombie board game with a handful of Survivors its the last one standing, most kills, heaps of scenarios. with future expansion I am excitedly waiting for my copy to arrive hoping its going to be around September.

Impact City Roller Derby:
Tom from Impact Miniatures has created this new and exciting game. Play as on of the girls on a Flat track Roller Derby team. its fast, hard hitting and loads of fun check out the KS site:

Well that’s it for now got to go have a game of Tutatis against the Lil Miss wish me luck she is a devil with the dice.

Lord GreyWolf

Monday, February 27, 2012

Site Update

Had a bit of a change around with the Blog moving away from a personal gaming site to an attempt at trying to get an online business up and running.

So hence why the change to Greywolf Games. why this name its been my handle/nick/ident online for a number of years on some forum boards I am simply GreyWolf or in some cases Lord Greywolf. I have been doing gaming well table top gaming since I was 14, [basically the last 22 years]

I have played WH40k [3rd edition, 4th edition then STOPPED], WHFB played that for a bit longer but also dropped it due to the cost. Flames of War got me hooked played that [Germans mainly was planning on getting into a Soviet list but the $$$ or lack of it got it derailed] on top of those i’ve dabbled in Blood Bowl, Epic 40k, Magic the Gathering, Warmaster, DBA, DBAWWII, Space hulk, Death Squads [WH40k fan based skirmish game], and recently Warmachine, Micro-Fow [Flames of war using 6mm figs],  and maybe soon Dystopian wars and Puppet wars….

I have a number of contacts with in the game industry and can order in a large selection of goodies to tempt you. Over the coming months I will be trying to save up $$ to buy stock and set up an online shop.

But for now its going to be “customer orders” only. The supplier I mainly deal with is good he has decent amounts of stock and if he is out of stock he tries to replenish as soon as the manufacturers allow. Postage isn’t horrendous from him and he usually sends it to me with in a week and half or 2 weeks max from time of order to my door.

So if your after Warmachine/Hordes, Dust tactics, Puppet wars, Battle field accessories, uncharted seas, Firestorm armada, and Dysytopian wars plus plenty more then let me know and see what I can do for you.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

TUTATIS A Game from Greebo!!!! Part II

here are some more concept drawings:
I love the Goblin type dude with wings he rocks. The other two are cool... but I want the middle guy.

The Bottom Middle guy is a Hero for the Orc team [eg the Napoleonic hat Goblin on a squig type mount] not sure what team the rest are from.

If they can do a team a month [27 teams in total] then you'd be still waiting for the full roster by January 2014
also add in 50 mercs that can be hired as well seems they got the bases covered, with range of models. Just need to see if the rules stack up or if they have holes you could drive a Imperial Star cruiser through...
Concept art work for the lizards.

Not to bad I do like the big guy....
I am looking at this as an alternative for the kids as the scale is 10mm, the field is smaller 11x16 30mm squares.
the Rules are only 15pages long so I don't think you would need to be a rocket scientist to pick and play with.
I'll know more once I get my copy of the rules, and how they play.
As for the cost if you buy from Greebo they are $24.99EUR [$31.00AUD] for a 11 man Orc team and that includes one big guy [30mm from toes to eyes.] same cost are the Dwarfs, the Evil plushies are $15.99EUR [$19.80AUD] for 9 man team.
With the Poffy out soon and it looks like Lizards are next after them they are adding alot of flavour.
Not sure how the teams will work in a season or campaign and what diversity is available its hard when they only just got it translated and we are waiting on it to be printed now.

Well here is even more stuff:


Dwarf Big guy

Evil puppets/plushies Concept drawings:

Necro Team:

The teams: Evil Puppets/Necro/Dwarfs/Orcs

Pitch and Team set up:

The momentum for this game is starting to gather I have had a lot of interest from the Guys at Ausbowl and City Guard and for me I can’t wait till its released in English.
Will post more details, pics and any other info I can regarding this game.