Saturday, January 28, 2012

TUTATIS A Game from Greebo!!!! Part II

here are some more concept drawings:
I love the Goblin type dude with wings he rocks. The other two are cool... but I want the middle guy.

The Bottom Middle guy is a Hero for the Orc team [eg the Napoleonic hat Goblin on a squig type mount] not sure what team the rest are from.

If they can do a team a month [27 teams in total] then you'd be still waiting for the full roster by January 2014
also add in 50 mercs that can be hired as well seems they got the bases covered, with range of models. Just need to see if the rules stack up or if they have holes you could drive a Imperial Star cruiser through...
Concept art work for the lizards.

Not to bad I do like the big guy....
I am looking at this as an alternative for the kids as the scale is 10mm, the field is smaller 11x16 30mm squares.
the Rules are only 15pages long so I don't think you would need to be a rocket scientist to pick and play with.
I'll know more once I get my copy of the rules, and how they play.
As for the cost if you buy from Greebo they are $24.99EUR [$31.00AUD] for a 11 man Orc team and that includes one big guy [30mm from toes to eyes.] same cost are the Dwarfs, the Evil plushies are $15.99EUR [$19.80AUD] for 9 man team.
With the Poffy out soon and it looks like Lizards are next after them they are adding alot of flavour.
Not sure how the teams will work in a season or campaign and what diversity is available its hard when they only just got it translated and we are waiting on it to be printed now.

Well here is even more stuff:


Dwarf Big guy

Evil puppets/plushies Concept drawings:

Necro Team:

The teams: Evil Puppets/Necro/Dwarfs/Orcs

Pitch and Team set up:

The momentum for this game is starting to gather I have had a lot of interest from the Guys at Ausbowl and City Guard and for me I can’t wait till its released in English.
Will post more details, pics and any other info I can regarding this game.


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