Saturday, December 31, 2011


Stage Two:

With my wife’s Cryx she wanted a black undercoat. I tried to get a matt finish but ended up with satin. If it gets to be a issue I'll get a de-shine agent and give them a coat.
With mine I usually coat them either white or black. this time I am trying out the a base coat of the main colour. Which for me is Blue.

In this pic you may or may not see I have given the Squire, 1x gun mage and eHaley an ink bath. The blue was ummm well to bright for my liking....
I have given all the figs an ink wash and decided to start on the gun mages first then will go onto the jacks. My Wife has started to paint the Necro Surgen will post pics once she and I are ready for you to see.

Just another quick update beenreally busy with work, and other xmas related stuff will put more stuff later.

Friday, December 30, 2011


Finally got the last of the Warmachine we had ordered. Cygnar for me and Crryx for my Wife.
The Following has replaced the pDenny stuff I originally bought. [NB: The Harrower was missing a shoulderpad waiting on the spare part to arrive. The last big Cryx warjack I had was the Leviathan and that had a leg missing... 2 Cryx warjacks with missing parts.... don't they like Cryx?]

Wife’s Cryx:
1x Harrower
1x pSkarre
3x Brute Thrall
1x Necrosurgen & Stitch thralls
1x Gorman Di Wolfe
1x Madelyn Corbeau
1x Warwitch Siren
1x Satyxis Raider Captain
1x Satyxis Raider Sea Witch
1x Satyxis Raiders [6]
Not pictured: From 1st order.
12x Mcthralls
1x Skarlock thrall
1x Nightwrench

My Cygnar:
1x pack of protective sleeves.
2x Sentinel Light war jack
1x Charger Light war jack
1x Defender Heavy War jack
1x eHaley
1x eStryker
1x The Black 13
1x Journeyman warcaster [Alt fig]
1x Stormblade UA [Officer and Standard bearer]
1x Anastasia Di Bray [not sure if I'll use her now]
Not pictured: From 1st order.
1x Arcane Gun mage Unit [6]
1x Arcane Gun mage UA
1x Lancer
1x Squire
1x Stormblade Unit [6]
3x Stormblade Storm Gunner

My Wife has never taken in an interest in my games [well she did try out magic the gathering and Vampire Masquerade but she didn't "get into it"]
Warmachines is truely the first system she has dived into with not only choosing the faction, units, solos, and warcaster but she has chosen the paint scheme and will try her hand at painting the army as well...

Stage One:
She had alot of fun [more like curses] when she glued her Cryx up. The Brute thralls were a bit tricky with their hoses/pipes coming off their backs.
Below is Lady Grey's 15pts [minus the Harrower which she needs the missing shoulder pad]

My frustrations were mainly around the Stormblades, in particular the one holding his weapon over his head. Big fingers+fiddly parts=$!#^%$^#^%!.... also having the Journeymans sword break off added more %$^!@^%#!!! to my growing list. I was able to re-glue the sword back on but its not the same....
My 15pts plus some extra stuff I wanted to get painted. [15pts = pHaley, AGM[6], 2x Sentinels, 1x Lancer <---- though I may change this by swapping out one of the Sentinels for a Charger]

Well that is for now will post about the Next stage soon….

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Sites: Puppetwars

One of the guys from the Death Squads Forum board mentioned this great site Puppetswar for some conversion bitz he was looking at and what did I find on this site…. well these guys:


Plague bears
They come with with 3 different bodies and 6 various heads to make them unique. I am planning on using them as my Nurgle warriors for my Blood Bowl team. They will join the ranks of the “Plague Dolls”.

Once the figs arrive I’ll post pics of them and a size comparison. One thing I’ll mention the p&p to New Zealand was DAM cheap. I shell be buying from them again and again…[I want some of their conversion bitz, those gas masked heads look great. Awesome for Nurgle Imperial Renegades]

I’ll be attending the Greenstone Cup [Blood Bowl] tournament in November [12th/13th, in Auckland] Haven’t had a game in along time so it will be a steep learning curce and I am certain to take out the Wood spoon award [eg last place] But it will be loads of fun and certainly the highlight of 2011 for me.

Thats all for now happy gaming, be good and if you can’t be PURE EVIL !!!!!

one more thing here are the rest of the gang for the new “Plague Dolls” team:

Beast Of Nurgle:


Neverborn Wicked Dolls

Head Coach:

Turn Marker:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Customer Orders

If anyone wants any of the following products let me know as I can order them in. If you send me an email with what you want I can send you back the price list. If you mention this: THEGREYKNIGHT10% in your email you’ll get a 10% discount off your order. All payments can be done through paypal. I do orders twice a month I can also get anything from Impact Miniatures for all of your Blood Bowl needs/wants. On occasions I do offer other discounts depending on the size of the order, And Will also be looking at offering prizes to those who follow this blog, some time soon.

Anima Tactics
Army Builder
Army Painter
Avatars Of War
Base Contacts - Bases
Battlefield Accessories
Black Crusade RPG
CCG Accessories
Chessex Dice
Corvus Belli 15mm
Dark Heresy RPG
Death Watch RPG
DiDi's Magic Ink
DP9: Heavy Gear
Dystopian Wars
Dust Tactics
Fantasy Flight Games
Fat Boy Gaming
Firestorm Armada
Freebooter's Fate
Gale Force Nine
Hasslefree Adventures
Hell Dorado
Hobby: Backpacks
Hobby: Brushes
Hobby: DVDs
Hobby: Empty Bottles
Hobby: Gaming Mats
Hobby: Glues
Hobby: Magazines
Hobby: Instant Mold And Epoxy
Hobby: Primers And Sprays
Hobby: Racks
Hobby: Rare Earth Magnets
Hobby: Tools
Immortal Miniatures Plastics
Infinity Scifi 28mm
Iron Ivan WWII Rules
Itars Workshop - Terrain
JR Miniatures - Terrain
Laughing Monk Miniatures
Mantic: Kings Of War
Mantic: Warpath
MERC Miniatures
Micro Art Studio
Monsterpocalyp se
Noble Armada
Pegasus Hobbies
Perry Brothers Plastics
Privateer Press: HORDES
Privateer Press: Hobby
Privateer Press: WARMACHINE
Pulp City Miniatures
Puppet Wars - OCT 7th
Reaper Master Series Paints
Relic Knights
Rogue Trader RPG
Sabol Designs - Army Transport
Scibor Miniatures
Secret Weapon Miniatures
Shadowforge Miniatures
Soda Pop Miniatures
Spartan: Dystopian Wars
Spartan: Firestorm Armada
Spartan: Uncharted Seas
Star Fleet: A.C.T.A
Studio Miniatures
Super Dungeon Explore
The Plastic Soldier Company
Uncharted Seas
Ultraforge Miniatures
Vallejo Paints And Supplies
Valiant 28mm WWII
Victrix 28mm
Wargames Factory
Warhammer Fantasy RPG
Warlord Games
Warpath - Oct
Woodland Scenics
Wyrd: Malifaux
Wyrd: Puppet Wars
Wyrd: TerraClips

Blood Bowl Team Concepts

Well My kids Master3 and Miss5 both found some old Blood Bowl minis that I had left over from my time playing it.

After many questions I showed them what the game looked like from the many online resources that are there. Miss5 got excited and asked me if I would make her a team. Master3 was not to be left out so he piped in he wanted one to. So here is what I am doing for them and for my new Blood Bowl team.

Master3’s team will be an Orc team but with a Robot theme [Will post his team set up soon] and Miss5 she is leading either a Human or Amazon team but using “Blood Bowl Mascot” minis. These are those limited edition ones from Euc Bowl, or SSB kangaroo Ref, Thumper Bunny Blitzer. As long as its either cute and cuddle or cute and scally [eg baby dragon] she is happy. Not to mention it MUST be PINK & PURPLE.

For me my Team will most likely end up being Purple,Red with green lighting effect [if I can even pull that off ~ mmm maybe not but will give it ago]

As for the lad he wants Blue and Green colours with a large amount of chrome. His robots have a retro feel to them and is going to be a blast to do.

Well that its for now will do another post later on with the list of products I can get in for any local gamers.

Daddies Team

Concept: Necro/Undead, using NON-GW minis.
Theme: Steam punk undead
Minis: Cryx Warmachine range from Privateer Press

Necromancer/Head Coach:

Assistant Coach [with book] and Mummies:

Wights & Assistant coach





Turn Marker, Cheer Leaders:


Star Players:

Ramtut III: [Mummy]

Luthor Von Drakenborg: [Vampire]

Sinnedbad: [undead] just realized I'll have 2 of these so the spare one will be used as this SP.

Setekh [Undead] & Wilhelm Chaney: [Werewolf]

Hack Enslash:[just need to add chainsaw]

Monday, September 5, 2011

A New Game For me

Having a break away from WWII micro-FoW and finally got myself a copy of Space Hulk 3rd edition [off Trademe our local version of ebay] and the new Death Angel from Fantasy Flight Games. Well both of my packages arrived [Whoop Whoop]. The Space Hulk board game had one Jam counter missing, the artifact and one genestealer broken. [the genestealer wasn't an issue I had 5 spares in storage that I bought off ebay awhile ago cause I liked the look of them. just the chalice that bugs me as I need it for a couple of the missions. but good thing the guy who sold it to me is trying to source them for me....]

On to the review of the Card game. I really like this game due to the fact it can be played by 1~6 players. Where I live it is really hard to find any one who games so its nice to find a system that allows us to solo play [oi keep it clean Surprised smile I know what your thinking.]

as for the card game well here is an over view:

The Core box and expansion pack [there is a new mission pack coming soon]

The Contents, tokens, cards, rule book, dice

Back of the tokens

Front of the Tokens. The storm bolters are your support tokens. the coloured tokens are there to help randomize which team you'll take.

Team cards. Each one gives the teams the ability to move+activate, attack and support.

examples of the Grey and Blue teams cards.

Grey and Yellow Teams.

Green and Purple Teams.

Red and Blue Teams.

One thing you should note each team has a specialist in it either that or a sergeant card. [eg Lightning claws, heavy flamer, assault cannon are all in separate teams so each one has pros and cons.]
Well that's the first part of the overview will post pics and more info about the remaining bitz and also what you get in the expansion pack.
once the general over view has been done I'll do a one step process through the turn sequence and basically how a single player game would work.

I had a solo game the other night it was a bit confusing at first to get your head around how its set up and how each card interacts. Once I’ve had a few games I’ll make a post outlining the set and how a turn works.

One other comment keep an eye out for these other great games from Fantasy Flight:

X-Wing and Blood Bowl: Team Manager - The Card Game

Both of these look interesting as far as I can tell X-Wing is Jan 2012 and the Blood Bowl is due out some time in Oct. will keep you all up dated.

Next instalment is going to be about my other Hobby Death Squads a fan based skirmish game set in the WH40k universe. Just started a new squad [got a box of Imperial Guard Cadians for father’s day best present ever beats socks and unides any time] used some old minis and incorporated the new IG. Will post pics of that WIP.

well thats all for now happy gaming…..

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Soviet Tanks Based




5x T-34/76 [CnC]
5x T-34/85 [CnC]
1x T-34/85 with commander [CnC tank with converted officer from my Alder infantry]

Just got to fix up the tracks on the tanks. Add soviet flags to command tanks and maybe some infantry as well to make them stand out more.
Otherwise I am happy with the Soviet Armour.

Currently painting up the Soviet Rocket Trucks and some Infantry as well.
will post more pics soon.

New Minis arrived

After many attempts I think I have my lists worked out but found out I was short a few minis so after ordering some from Odin Arts I needed to get some vehicles that CnC did not manufacture so I chose Scotia Grendel to see how they compared.

I have read a few reviews online giving the pros and cons so I sort of knew what to expect. But was still a bit apprehensive as a lot of the stuff I was buying had no images on the site.

The one thing to remember is that CnC is 1/285 scale whilst Scotia Grendel is 1/300 scale.

I ordered the following items:

1x StuG III G 105mm
3x Horch Kfz-81 [covered top]
2x Sd Kfz 250/1
5x Kubelwagen
2x Sd Kfz 250/9
4x M1939 37mm AA
1x T-34/85
2x Horch 830 Kfz-15 [Open topped]
6x Sd Kfz 11 3 Ton tractor
8x Kfz 1/20 Schwimmwagen
2x Flak Panzer IV Ostwind
2x Stailnet Tractor
1x Jagdpanther

Will give you my Personnel rating on what I got an then my overall score. Remember this is my own view and you may agree or disagree please leave any comments, own experience etc.

1stars Poor
2stars Below Average
3stars Average
4stars Above Average
5stars Excellent


4stars [Kubelwagens]
3stars [Kfz 15]
2stars [Kfz 11, 3 Ton]

My artillery Vehicles that will be with my 15cm NW41 rocket battery. the Kubelwagen and the Kfz 15 are nice enough detail for those that want to paint it but not to much that will scare some from painting them. as for the Kfz 11, 3 ton tractors not to sure about them. They suffer from a rear end dip and that puts the perspective out of whack and the front seems to boxy. over all happy with the command vehicles and observers not so for the tractors.


4stars [Kfz 250/1]
4stars [Kfz 250/9]

The little guys. I couldn’t get these from CnC so went with Scotia and I am rather surprised by these minis. For the scale there is decent amount of detail with regards to actual crew in the back of the command Sd Kfz 250/1. There is some track degradation [as these are for my scout platoon I will hide the worse bits with tress, shrubs etc] but it seems not bad in comparison to the others. They should paint up nicely and will be a great addition to my German force.


3stars [Jagdpanther]

I got this Scotia jagdpanther for my brother inlaw for his Command option. It certainly has character with its gun elevated and thick barrel this one will stand out from his CnC range. Once I get a chance I’ll post a pick of his CnC version beside the scotia. Over all reasonable happy with this mini.


1stars [StuG III G w/105mm]

Unpainted StuG is the Scotia StuG III G w/105mm the painted StuG is from CnC. Over all the Scotia Version is similar in length and width. You will notice the difference when fielding with other ranges. Not really happy with this mini. [The CnC was meant for my Germans but is getting converted into the Finns force.] NB: I know that they are different scales but its the over all package its lacking…. The other issue I had was the fact that the side skirting was part of the mini and not an option to have it or not. Not every StuG had the ability to get side skirting and much like the Finns used logs, concrete or tree branches to make improvised armour.


3stars [T-34/85]

Again the Unpainted version is from Scotia and the painted one is From CnC. Only thing that bugs me is their barrels and how thick it is. If any thing I'd look at using this as a Command tank or Platoon Leader the track and wheels let it down it does not have the detail as what the CnC one does. but over all for the price I am happy. This one can be used with the CnC range as its only slightly bigger.


4stars [Schwimmwagens]

Much like the Kubelwagen and the Sd Kfz 250’s I like these guys simple yet easy to identify what they are I'd buy more of these from Scotia.


1stars [M1939 37mm AA guns]

Not sure on these ones M1939 37mm AA guns for my Soviet force once we add in Air Force. I don’t like the set up and the barrel is flimsy in the middle but bulky at the end. plus I don’t get enough elevation on the guns.


3stars [Stalinet Tractors]

Not bad a bit in the big side but otherwise another mini easy to identify when on the battle field.


3stars [Flak Panzer IV Ostwind]

I am not using theses as Ostwind but rather as Anti II for my Finns hopefully be able to round of the edges and make them work. only issue i had was the barrels arrived folded over against the turret and are very fragile. Otherwise over all its an ok model.

Overall Rating for this order:

  • Metal Price/Qty [ the price was affordable and the fact you can buy one item at a time is what gave this order a higher rating.]
  • Miniature Look/Character/Scale [Some of the range can look a bit cartoonish and other times look great. The range is smaller then CnC and most likely GHQ as well this will make it harder to blend with your current figs with the exception of the large tanks which are about right. eg jagdpanther and T-34/85]
  • Webstore availability [eg the fact the webstore was down alot of the time so I could not add to or review my orders when I wanted]
  • Webstore Images [Its really hard to buy what you can not see and seriously who would want to. Yet we have to with some of the range.]
  • Fragile/degradation of the minis [wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, most of the barrels are solid which some people like, others hate. And also the brittle nature of the Flak panzers]
  • p&p cost/time [ costing wasn’t horrendous as some companies can be and only took a week and a bit to get from the U.K to New Zealand which is excellent]

Will post some pics of my Soviet tanks soon. And some of the Alder infantry range we got.