Monday, September 5, 2011

A New Game For me

Having a break away from WWII micro-FoW and finally got myself a copy of Space Hulk 3rd edition [off Trademe our local version of ebay] and the new Death Angel from Fantasy Flight Games. Well both of my packages arrived [Whoop Whoop]. The Space Hulk board game had one Jam counter missing, the artifact and one genestealer broken. [the genestealer wasn't an issue I had 5 spares in storage that I bought off ebay awhile ago cause I liked the look of them. just the chalice that bugs me as I need it for a couple of the missions. but good thing the guy who sold it to me is trying to source them for me....]

On to the review of the Card game. I really like this game due to the fact it can be played by 1~6 players. Where I live it is really hard to find any one who games so its nice to find a system that allows us to solo play [oi keep it clean Surprised smile I know what your thinking.]

as for the card game well here is an over view:

The Core box and expansion pack [there is a new mission pack coming soon]

The Contents, tokens, cards, rule book, dice

Back of the tokens

Front of the Tokens. The storm bolters are your support tokens. the coloured tokens are there to help randomize which team you'll take.

Team cards. Each one gives the teams the ability to move+activate, attack and support.

examples of the Grey and Blue teams cards.

Grey and Yellow Teams.

Green and Purple Teams.

Red and Blue Teams.

One thing you should note each team has a specialist in it either that or a sergeant card. [eg Lightning claws, heavy flamer, assault cannon are all in separate teams so each one has pros and cons.]
Well that's the first part of the overview will post pics and more info about the remaining bitz and also what you get in the expansion pack.
once the general over view has been done I'll do a one step process through the turn sequence and basically how a single player game would work.

I had a solo game the other night it was a bit confusing at first to get your head around how its set up and how each card interacts. Once I’ve had a few games I’ll make a post outlining the set and how a turn works.

One other comment keep an eye out for these other great games from Fantasy Flight:

X-Wing and Blood Bowl: Team Manager - The Card Game

Both of these look interesting as far as I can tell X-Wing is Jan 2012 and the Blood Bowl is due out some time in Oct. will keep you all up dated.

Next instalment is going to be about my other Hobby Death Squads a fan based skirmish game set in the WH40k universe. Just started a new squad [got a box of Imperial Guard Cadians for father’s day best present ever beats socks and unides any time] used some old minis and incorporated the new IG. Will post pics of that WIP.

well thats all for now happy gaming…..

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