Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blood Bowl Team Concepts

Well My kids Master3 and Miss5 both found some old Blood Bowl minis that I had left over from my time playing it.

After many questions I showed them what the game looked like from the many online resources that are there. Miss5 got excited and asked me if I would make her a team. Master3 was not to be left out so he piped in he wanted one to. So here is what I am doing for them and for my new Blood Bowl team.

Master3’s team will be an Orc team but with a Robot theme [Will post his team set up soon] and Miss5 she is leading either a Human or Amazon team but using “Blood Bowl Mascot” minis. These are those limited edition ones from Euc Bowl, or SSB kangaroo Ref, Thumper Bunny Blitzer. As long as its either cute and cuddle or cute and scally [eg baby dragon] she is happy. Not to mention it MUST be PINK & PURPLE.

For me my Team will most likely end up being Purple,Red with green lighting effect [if I can even pull that off ~ mmm maybe not but will give it ago]

As for the lad he wants Blue and Green colours with a large amount of chrome. His robots have a retro feel to them and is going to be a blast to do.

Well that its for now will do another post later on with the list of products I can get in for any local gamers.

Daddies Team

Concept: Necro/Undead, using NON-GW minis.
Theme: Steam punk undead
Minis: Cryx Warmachine range from Privateer Press

Necromancer/Head Coach:

Assistant Coach [with book] and Mummies:

Wights & Assistant coach





Turn Marker, Cheer Leaders:


Star Players:

Ramtut III: [Mummy]

Luthor Von Drakenborg: [Vampire]

Sinnedbad: [undead] just realized I'll have 2 of these so the spare one will be used as this SP.

Setekh [Undead] & Wilhelm Chaney: [Werewolf]

Hack Enslash:[just need to add chainsaw]

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