Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Customer Orders

If anyone wants any of the following products let me know as I can order them in. If you send me an email with what you want I can send you back the price list. If you mention this: THEGREYKNIGHT10% in your email you’ll get a 10% discount off your order. All payments can be done through paypal. I do orders twice a month I can also get anything from Impact Miniatures for all of your Blood Bowl needs/wants. On occasions I do offer other discounts depending on the size of the order, And Will also be looking at offering prizes to those who follow this blog, some time soon.

Anima Tactics
Army Builder
Army Painter
Avatars Of War
Base Contacts - Bases
Battlefield Accessories
Black Crusade RPG
CCG Accessories
Chessex Dice
Corvus Belli 15mm
Dark Heresy RPG
Death Watch RPG
DiDi's Magic Ink
DP9: Heavy Gear
Dystopian Wars
Dust Tactics
Fantasy Flight Games
Fat Boy Gaming
Firestorm Armada
Freebooter's Fate
Gale Force Nine
Hasslefree Adventures
Hell Dorado
Hobby: Backpacks
Hobby: Brushes
Hobby: DVDs
Hobby: Empty Bottles
Hobby: Gaming Mats
Hobby: Glues
Hobby: Magazines
Hobby: Instant Mold And Epoxy
Hobby: Primers And Sprays
Hobby: Racks
Hobby: Rare Earth Magnets
Hobby: Tools
Immortal Miniatures Plastics
Infinity Scifi 28mm
Iron Ivan WWII Rules
Itars Workshop - Terrain
JR Miniatures - Terrain
Laughing Monk Miniatures
Mantic: Kings Of War
Mantic: Warpath
MERC Miniatures
Micro Art Studio
Monsterpocalyp se
Noble Armada
Pegasus Hobbies
Perry Brothers Plastics
Privateer Press: HORDES
Privateer Press: Hobby
Privateer Press: WARMACHINE
Pulp City Miniatures
Puppet Wars - OCT 7th
Reaper Master Series Paints
Relic Knights
Rogue Trader RPG
Sabol Designs - Army Transport
Scibor Miniatures
Secret Weapon Miniatures
Shadowforge Miniatures
Soda Pop Miniatures
Spartan: Dystopian Wars
Spartan: Firestorm Armada
Spartan: Uncharted Seas
Star Fleet: A.C.T.A
Studio Miniatures
Super Dungeon Explore
The Plastic Soldier Company
Uncharted Seas
Ultraforge Miniatures
Vallejo Paints And Supplies
Valiant 28mm WWII
Victrix 28mm
Wargames Factory
Warhammer Fantasy RPG
Warlord Games
Warpath - Oct
Woodland Scenics
Wyrd: Malifaux
Wyrd: Puppet Wars
Wyrd: TerraClips

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