Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Sites: Puppetwars

One of the guys from the Death Squads Forum board mentioned this great site Puppetswar for some conversion bitz he was looking at and what did I find on this site…. well these guys:


Plague bears
They come with with 3 different bodies and 6 various heads to make them unique. I am planning on using them as my Nurgle warriors for my Blood Bowl team. They will join the ranks of the “Plague Dolls”.

Once the figs arrive I’ll post pics of them and a size comparison. One thing I’ll mention the p&p to New Zealand was DAM cheap. I shell be buying from them again and again…[I want some of their conversion bitz, those gas masked heads look great. Awesome for Nurgle Imperial Renegades]

I’ll be attending the Greenstone Cup [Blood Bowl] tournament in November [12th/13th, in Auckland] Haven’t had a game in along time so it will be a steep learning curce and I am certain to take out the Wood spoon award [eg last place] But it will be loads of fun and certainly the highlight of 2011 for me.

Thats all for now happy gaming, be good and if you can’t be PURE EVIL !!!!!

one more thing here are the rest of the gang for the new “Plague Dolls” team:

Beast Of Nurgle:


Neverborn Wicked Dolls

Head Coach:

Turn Marker:

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