Friday, December 30, 2011


Finally got the last of the Warmachine we had ordered. Cygnar for me and Crryx for my Wife.
The Following has replaced the pDenny stuff I originally bought. [NB: The Harrower was missing a shoulderpad waiting on the spare part to arrive. The last big Cryx warjack I had was the Leviathan and that had a leg missing... 2 Cryx warjacks with missing parts.... don't they like Cryx?]

Wife’s Cryx:
1x Harrower
1x pSkarre
3x Brute Thrall
1x Necrosurgen & Stitch thralls
1x Gorman Di Wolfe
1x Madelyn Corbeau
1x Warwitch Siren
1x Satyxis Raider Captain
1x Satyxis Raider Sea Witch
1x Satyxis Raiders [6]
Not pictured: From 1st order.
12x Mcthralls
1x Skarlock thrall
1x Nightwrench

My Cygnar:
1x pack of protective sleeves.
2x Sentinel Light war jack
1x Charger Light war jack
1x Defender Heavy War jack
1x eHaley
1x eStryker
1x The Black 13
1x Journeyman warcaster [Alt fig]
1x Stormblade UA [Officer and Standard bearer]
1x Anastasia Di Bray [not sure if I'll use her now]
Not pictured: From 1st order.
1x Arcane Gun mage Unit [6]
1x Arcane Gun mage UA
1x Lancer
1x Squire
1x Stormblade Unit [6]
3x Stormblade Storm Gunner

My Wife has never taken in an interest in my games [well she did try out magic the gathering and Vampire Masquerade but she didn't "get into it"]
Warmachines is truely the first system she has dived into with not only choosing the faction, units, solos, and warcaster but she has chosen the paint scheme and will try her hand at painting the army as well...

Stage One:
She had alot of fun [more like curses] when she glued her Cryx up. The Brute thralls were a bit tricky with their hoses/pipes coming off their backs.
Below is Lady Grey's 15pts [minus the Harrower which she needs the missing shoulder pad]

My frustrations were mainly around the Stormblades, in particular the one holding his weapon over his head. Big fingers+fiddly parts=$!#^%$^#^%!.... also having the Journeymans sword break off added more %$^!@^%#!!! to my growing list. I was able to re-glue the sword back on but its not the same....
My 15pts plus some extra stuff I wanted to get painted. [15pts = pHaley, AGM[6], 2x Sentinels, 1x Lancer <---- though I may change this by swapping out one of the Sentinels for a Charger]

Well that is for now will post about the Next stage soon….

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