Saturday, December 31, 2011


Stage Two:

With my wife’s Cryx she wanted a black undercoat. I tried to get a matt finish but ended up with satin. If it gets to be a issue I'll get a de-shine agent and give them a coat.
With mine I usually coat them either white or black. this time I am trying out the a base coat of the main colour. Which for me is Blue.

In this pic you may or may not see I have given the Squire, 1x gun mage and eHaley an ink bath. The blue was ummm well to bright for my liking....
I have given all the figs an ink wash and decided to start on the gun mages first then will go onto the jacks. My Wife has started to paint the Necro Surgen will post pics once she and I are ready for you to see.

Just another quick update beenreally busy with work, and other xmas related stuff will put more stuff later.

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