Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Minis arrived

After many attempts I think I have my lists worked out but found out I was short a few minis so after ordering some from Odin Arts I needed to get some vehicles that CnC did not manufacture so I chose Scotia Grendel to see how they compared.

I have read a few reviews online giving the pros and cons so I sort of knew what to expect. But was still a bit apprehensive as a lot of the stuff I was buying had no images on the site.

The one thing to remember is that CnC is 1/285 scale whilst Scotia Grendel is 1/300 scale.

I ordered the following items:

1x StuG III G 105mm
3x Horch Kfz-81 [covered top]
2x Sd Kfz 250/1
5x Kubelwagen
2x Sd Kfz 250/9
4x M1939 37mm AA
1x T-34/85
2x Horch 830 Kfz-15 [Open topped]
6x Sd Kfz 11 3 Ton tractor
8x Kfz 1/20 Schwimmwagen
2x Flak Panzer IV Ostwind
2x Stailnet Tractor
1x Jagdpanther

Will give you my Personnel rating on what I got an then my overall score. Remember this is my own view and you may agree or disagree please leave any comments, own experience etc.

1stars Poor
2stars Below Average
3stars Average
4stars Above Average
5stars Excellent


4stars [Kubelwagens]
3stars [Kfz 15]
2stars [Kfz 11, 3 Ton]

My artillery Vehicles that will be with my 15cm NW41 rocket battery. the Kubelwagen and the Kfz 15 are nice enough detail for those that want to paint it but not to much that will scare some from painting them. as for the Kfz 11, 3 ton tractors not to sure about them. They suffer from a rear end dip and that puts the perspective out of whack and the front seems to boxy. over all happy with the command vehicles and observers not so for the tractors.


4stars [Kfz 250/1]
4stars [Kfz 250/9]

The little guys. I couldn’t get these from CnC so went with Scotia and I am rather surprised by these minis. For the scale there is decent amount of detail with regards to actual crew in the back of the command Sd Kfz 250/1. There is some track degradation [as these are for my scout platoon I will hide the worse bits with tress, shrubs etc] but it seems not bad in comparison to the others. They should paint up nicely and will be a great addition to my German force.


3stars [Jagdpanther]

I got this Scotia jagdpanther for my brother inlaw for his Command option. It certainly has character with its gun elevated and thick barrel this one will stand out from his CnC range. Once I get a chance I’ll post a pick of his CnC version beside the scotia. Over all reasonable happy with this mini.


1stars [StuG III G w/105mm]

Unpainted StuG is the Scotia StuG III G w/105mm the painted StuG is from CnC. Over all the Scotia Version is similar in length and width. You will notice the difference when fielding with other ranges. Not really happy with this mini. [The CnC was meant for my Germans but is getting converted into the Finns force.] NB: I know that they are different scales but its the over all package its lacking…. The other issue I had was the fact that the side skirting was part of the mini and not an option to have it or not. Not every StuG had the ability to get side skirting and much like the Finns used logs, concrete or tree branches to make improvised armour.


3stars [T-34/85]

Again the Unpainted version is from Scotia and the painted one is From CnC. Only thing that bugs me is their barrels and how thick it is. If any thing I'd look at using this as a Command tank or Platoon Leader the track and wheels let it down it does not have the detail as what the CnC one does. but over all for the price I am happy. This one can be used with the CnC range as its only slightly bigger.


4stars [Schwimmwagens]

Much like the Kubelwagen and the Sd Kfz 250’s I like these guys simple yet easy to identify what they are I'd buy more of these from Scotia.


1stars [M1939 37mm AA guns]

Not sure on these ones M1939 37mm AA guns for my Soviet force once we add in Air Force. I don’t like the set up and the barrel is flimsy in the middle but bulky at the end. plus I don’t get enough elevation on the guns.


3stars [Stalinet Tractors]

Not bad a bit in the big side but otherwise another mini easy to identify when on the battle field.


3stars [Flak Panzer IV Ostwind]

I am not using theses as Ostwind but rather as Anti II for my Finns hopefully be able to round of the edges and make them work. only issue i had was the barrels arrived folded over against the turret and are very fragile. Otherwise over all its an ok model.

Overall Rating for this order:

  • Metal Price/Qty [ the price was affordable and the fact you can buy one item at a time is what gave this order a higher rating.]
  • Miniature Look/Character/Scale [Some of the range can look a bit cartoonish and other times look great. The range is smaller then CnC and most likely GHQ as well this will make it harder to blend with your current figs with the exception of the large tanks which are about right. eg jagdpanther and T-34/85]
  • Webstore availability [eg the fact the webstore was down alot of the time so I could not add to or review my orders when I wanted]
  • Webstore Images [Its really hard to buy what you can not see and seriously who would want to. Yet we have to with some of the range.]
  • Fragile/degradation of the minis [wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, most of the barrels are solid which some people like, others hate. And also the brittle nature of the Flak panzers]
  • p&p cost/time [ costing wasn’t horrendous as some companies can be and only took a week and a bit to get from the U.K to New Zealand which is excellent]

Will post some pics of my Soviet tanks soon. And some of the Alder infantry range we got.

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