Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Basing The German Armour


I finally found some time to work on my WWII micro-Fow here is the end result:


Tiger I e’s


Stug III G’s

I needed a break away from rewriting my army lists. The Soviets and Fins have now changed to Mech companies whilst the Germans are still an Armoured Company and I have dropped some of my StuGs for Panzer IV’s.

Will post up each of the lists in the coming weeks with pics as they are painted.  And to top it all off I have just been reading up on the Forward Detachment Unit for the soviets a blend of Tanks and infantry which looks interesting it would mean changing my current miniatures. 

I guess time will tell if I go with this list for the Soviets but I am now happy with the Germans might still tweek the Fins list a little bit more. If you have any ideas regarding Late war Germans/Fins or Soviets let me know.

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