Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Soviet Horde 1st Stage


Rather then carry on painting my German armour I’ve decided to start my Soviets. If I can get both of them painted to 1,500pts I can start having games with my mates. The following lists were taken from the Flames of War Fortress Europe.

So here is my Soviet force that I will use to take on the might of the Third Reich:

1x T-34/85

5x T-34/76
5x T-34/85
+copula x10

10 M4A2 Sherman [lend lease]

Assault guns:
3x SU-122

only issue is this lot comes to around the 1,440pts whilst the following list is 1,500pts

2x StuG III G [C.o & 2.I.C]

3x StuG II G

2x StuG III G

Heavy Tanks:
3x Tiger I E

Soviets = 27 vehicles
Germans =  10 vehicles

Not very good odds for the Germans as they will be out numbered 2.7 : 1
Then again the Germans are Confident Veterans Vs the Soviets Confident Trained. So the Russians will find it hard to their targets. And the Germans  should find it easier to hit the Ruskies. [Then again the Dice Gods never roll in our favour.] Once I have The Soviets painted I will be having a game with my mate and post the battle report here with pics.

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