Friday, June 10, 2011

Painting Has Finally Started

Yup I finally got a day where the Daughter was at school and the Wife and Son were at play center.

So I decided to start with a German StuG III G platoon and use them as a test for the over all paint scheme.
I am going for the late war yellow with green and brown camo stripes, though some may only have the yellow as I want to give this army a ad-hoc feel as if alot of their vehicles were rush straight from the factory with the base colour but no camo.

Stage 1: Setting up to
paint. the boring stage.

Stage 2: I placed the StuGs onto drawing pins so I could then set them up on to some foam chips I had left over. I used blue tac to stick them to the pins.

Stage 3: Undercoating done and now its time to make a coffee and do some chores while I wait for it to dry. Miserable day out side wet and windy. Will add one coat of undercoat then will add a nice mustard as base coat.

Now that I had done this I think I'll be looking for a piece of foam board rather then chips as they had a tendency to fall over if knocked. Will Post Pics once they have been base coated.

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