Saturday, June 11, 2011

Doing the Camo

Well here is my first attempt at painting 6mm WWII micro armour.


I did two thinned coats of white
undercoat. Then two thinned down base coats of mustard.

Stage 2:

Using thinned down brown paint I added in the first of the camo stripes.

Stage 3:

Next added in the green stripes again thinned down paint. didn't want to loose any detail.

Stage 4:

Almost done. have added in some highlights and also added metallic silver to the tracks. these are now ready to be inked.

Final Stage:

All have been inked and are ready to be based.
which will be another project once we decide on what size bases we will be using.

I think the green is a little bright but then again I wanted that brand spanking new look for this platoon to represent it coming straight from the factory.


  1. Looking good.

    A minor nit-pick: I would do a darker wash around the road wheels and tracks, both to suggest some weathering and to put some shadows around the wheels. Second, it appears that two of the stugs have a length of track on their upper front glacis, which you should give some metal colour.

    Other than that: Top notch! Like the camo lots!

  2. Thx Laffee
    This squad was the test to see how it would go. I'll find those bitz of track and paint them. Good idea regarding re-inking the wheels will try it on one and post it for you to see.
    thx for the comment.