Monday, February 27, 2012

Site Update

Had a bit of a change around with the Blog moving away from a personal gaming site to an attempt at trying to get an online business up and running.

So hence why the change to Greywolf Games. why this name its been my handle/nick/ident online for a number of years on some forum boards I am simply GreyWolf or in some cases Lord Greywolf. I have been doing gaming well table top gaming since I was 14, [basically the last 22 years]

I have played WH40k [3rd edition, 4th edition then STOPPED], WHFB played that for a bit longer but also dropped it due to the cost. Flames of War got me hooked played that [Germans mainly was planning on getting into a Soviet list but the $$$ or lack of it got it derailed] on top of those i’ve dabbled in Blood Bowl, Epic 40k, Magic the Gathering, Warmaster, DBA, DBAWWII, Space hulk, Death Squads [WH40k fan based skirmish game], and recently Warmachine, Micro-Fow [Flames of war using 6mm figs],  and maybe soon Dystopian wars and Puppet wars….

I have a number of contacts with in the game industry and can order in a large selection of goodies to tempt you. Over the coming months I will be trying to save up $$ to buy stock and set up an online shop.

But for now its going to be “customer orders” only. The supplier I mainly deal with is good he has decent amounts of stock and if he is out of stock he tries to replenish as soon as the manufacturers allow. Postage isn’t horrendous from him and he usually sends it to me with in a week and half or 2 weeks max from time of order to my door.

So if your after Warmachine/Hordes, Dust tactics, Puppet wars, Battle field accessories, uncharted seas, Firestorm armada, and Dysytopian wars plus plenty more then let me know and see what I can do for you.


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