Friday, May 25, 2012

ARRRGGHHH So many things To DO!!!

Well the title says it all. I have been really busy with Work, family and other real life stuff I haven’t had much time to update this blog.

My gaming work load is huge I seem to be collecting more then actually painting and gluing up stuff. So far I have the following on the cards , in prep-stage, undercoated, in transit, on pre-order of part of Kickstarter project.


Cyganr: Added more jacks, still got to order my 2 Avengers, Also have pre-ordered my Colossal and 3Nemo, Haven’t done much in the way of painting. on the painting shelf:
2x Minuteman war jacks
1x pStryker
1x eStryker
1x pCaine
1x Katherine Laddermore  Mounted
1x Katherine Laddermore Dismounted
1x Hunter Warjack
3x Stromlancers
1x Master gunner
1x Gun Mage Adept [In Transit]

Mercs: Got alot of stuff to paint up with these:1x McBaine
1x Rocinante Warjack
1x Alexia
17x Risen
3x Thrall
1x Master Holt
1x Lady Aiyana
12x Steelhead Halberdiers

On top of those painting projects been busy painting up a Prisoner exchange at the Death Squad site:

great site for those who want to play WH40k in a skirmish setting.

From Greebo is my other busy project with the Rule book finally coming out in English I have been working through it to make sure it makes sense. The game is based [and loosely based] on Gaelic football. It is very fast and very quick to learn [145 pages in the Rule book and of those only 15 pages are actual rules. The rest is fluff]
Currently been playing against my 6 year old Daughter and she is picking up the rules pretty quick. Just want to know how she rolls those 10’s, 11’s and 12’s when she needs to roll high or 1 to 5 when she needs to roll low.
The great thing about this game there is NO special dice, NO special ruler,
and GREAT game support from the manufacturer.
I have so far bought the Orc team, Necro team, and have the Dwarf and Poffy teams on order. plus some Mercs as well will post pics soon.
Check them out on:

WWII Rule set quest:
This has been a long process for me trying to find a rule set that I could use for my 6mm German and Soviet lists. Alot of the guys from the 6mm-Yahoo mailing list have helped me with this dilemma. But after reading through many types of rules sets:

Command decision
Battlefront WWII
Flames of War
I Ain’t Been Shot Mum!
Rapid Fire!
Blitzkrieg Commander II

After all that research I have decided to use Blitzkrieg commander II as this has the feel I want, can be played Solo, and uses a points system which I prefer. I want a war game not a simulator. My Brother inlaw will also use these rules and play his Germans and Brits. Will post updates as this comes along awaiting a large order of Germans and some Soviet stuff to arrive from Heroic and Ros. Will also do a review on them when they arrive.
you can find info about BKC here:

you can also play:

Cold War Commander:

Future War Commander:

I am looking at getting two 3,000 points FWC to play a campaign set on Ahdra IV the Loyalist Protus forces are trying to quell a rebellion from the Workers guilds. Friends, families, comrades are now facing each other across the battle field. It will become civil war, Lord Kendros has sent his Industrial soldiers into the effected zones with orders to use what ever force is required to get it under control. It was these very orders that caused a third of these troops to defect to the rebellions cause….. more to come.,

I am getting my FWC from  Dark Realm Miniatures a great range and you can use then with FWC inf act there are alot of different companies miniatures that can be used with FWC.


I have also been investing time and $$$ into a couple of Kickstarter projects the First one was Zombicide which was a huge success. a Zombie board game with a handful of Survivors its the last one standing, most kills, heaps of scenarios. with future expansion I am excitedly waiting for my copy to arrive hoping its going to be around September.

Impact City Roller Derby:
Tom from Impact Miniatures has created this new and exciting game. Play as on of the girls on a Flat track Roller Derby team. its fast, hard hitting and loads of fun check out the KS site:

Well that’s it for now got to go have a game of Tutatis against the Lil Miss wish me luck she is a devil with the dice.

Lord GreyWolf

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