Sunday, June 10, 2012

WWII Project


After Obsessing with what Rules I’d be using for my 6mm WWII minis I have finally chosen: Blitzkrieg Commander II

you can buy PDF rules from here:

Or follow the link on the above page to Lulu and buy a printed book from them.

I wanted to play my games set around the Late War Eastern Front.
So with that major choice behind me, I now had to decide on what bases to use for BKC II. I was thinking that this task would be alot easier then my first one task [which rules to use] I was so wrong. As BKC II is used for 15mm, 10mm and 6mm scales, the base size varies alot. Even between those players in the 6mm scale there is not standard size for bases.

So after much research, chats on the forums, I have decided on the following sizes:

Co: 50mm round base
HQ: 40mm round base
FAO: 30mm round base
FAC: 30mm round base
Snipers: 20mm round base
Tanks: 20mm x 40mm bases
Transport: 20mm x 40mm bases
Infantry: 40mm x 20mm bases
Infantry Support: 20mm x40mm bases
Infantry Conscripts: 40mm x 30mm bases
Artillery:  30mm x 40mm bases
Recce: 30mm x 30mm rounded corners
Recce Transport: 20mm x 40mm rounded corners

The other thing I have done for my infantry is the following:
SMG units: 3 figs per stand
Vet units: 4 figs per stand
Regular units: 5 figs per stand
Conscript units: 6 figs per stand
HMG units: 2 HMG per stand

The other cool thing is with your Co and HQ stands you can make mini dioramas, mine have mostly armour with some troops on them.

I’ll post pics as I go if I can remember to do so. One more thing the real main reasons I chose BKC II over all of the other rules were for the following reasons:

* Solo play: I can play by myself which is a must as there is no gaming community where I am.
* Point system: I prefer having a points system its what I know and comfortable using.
* Rules: the rules are not over whelming and will slow down game play. not to many charts for me to have to flick through just to shoot one stand of tanks.
* further options: Not only is there Blitzkrieg Commander II which covers WWII, they also do Cold War Commander and Future War Commander which will let me do alternate games [Eg WWIII,] and also use old Epic40k minis in some Future war battles.

So over all a fantastic game and one that can be used in any scale. So if you haven’t looked at this rule set go do it now. Pete is on their forums he is the man behind BKC, BKC II, CWC, and FWC.

Lord GreyWolf

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