Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pirate Goblin Box Set Indiegogo UPDATE II


Raised of $2,500 Goal

29 days left

Update From Bruno

based on popular demand the set of dice if now available as a separate purchase for all existing funders. the dice will be green with a pirate goblin head replacing the "1" side. I'm finishing the mock-up and will post it today or tomorrow on this page.
If you want a set of 6 dice just add $10 to your perk (there is no need to cancel the existing one, just add $10 and it will be fine). The set will be sent with the miniatures post free worldwide !
For those who want more than 6 miniatures you can also choose to add more miniatures to your perk, any funder from the $30 level can add 1 miniature by adding $4 to his order, and of course you can do it as much as you want (you'll be able to choose individually which ones you want at the end of the campaign).
In the same vein if you change your mind and want more miniatures you can adjust your pledge at any time (for example if you opted for 1 set à $30 and finally decide that 2 sets would be better you just have to send the difference, that is $20 and tell me so in the survey at the end of the campaign).
I will send a survey at the end of the campaign so that you can detail what you exactly want based on the amount spent.
There are more stuff in the work but it seems that the summer heat makes all things longer than usual to be done !

Just a reminder what the next goal will offer us:

If I manage to collect $5,000 then each miniature will be provided with a round 25mm resin scenic base instead of a bland plastic slotta base. This will apply to all perks containing miniatures, even the random one. All complete sets will then be in a collectable card box with exclusive art.
From this point the box set wil include your name (or nickname) as a supporter and will be signed by me.
I'll add to this a set of 6 exclusive green 6 sided dice with a pirate goblin head on one side (design to come) !

So we now need to get $2,007 then we get the new bases and a set of dice [I am going to buy a set regardless, and add at least three more gobbos to my band. one each of the generic looking ones,]

A big thx to those who have supported this project so far. With 29 days still left we will see many more goals and offers come our way. If there is anything anyone wants to let me know and I'll see if I can find out the answer.

Lord GreyWolf

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