Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pirate Goblin Box Set ~ Indiegogo UPDATE



Raised of $2,500 Goal

31 days left

Congrats to all the supporters so far we have reached the first goal. Now we need to get to $5,000USD so we get the Resin bases and Goblin dice.

Also we got an update from Bruno:
Bruno Galice posted an announcement 16 hours ago

Thanks to YOU, all the supporter of this project, the first goal has been reached, every funder getting a full set ($30 or more) will receive 6 figures in each set.

I will update the home page of the project later today and will announce some new stuff by the end of the week !

Stay tuned for more information from me and thank you again !!!

Some art work they are working on:

Will update later in the week with the goods on what's going to be added to the offer.


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