Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Latest Project: Outrider Game


Its been some time since I blogged been really busy but from today onwards I am going to try and blog at least twice a week about what ever gaming stuff I am working on planning on to do or other game related

This project came about from seeing a Kickstarter project that was trying to bring a 10mm scale road kill game into the market.

It brought back memories of Dark Future that my mates played back in the day as I never got into Car wars like the rest of my friends did I was to hooked into WH40k and WHFB to see any other type of game.

Well I was backing that project until I found Outrider Car Game.
you can find a copy here $5USD to buy and you can then print it out at your leisure.
or try this site:

The game rules aren’t to complicated like some of the Car battle games that were made in the 80’s and its a game that could be picked up and played with the kids. If you’ve played the game like X-wing or Wings of war/glory then this game will be simple for you to get your head around and play.

Each Vehicle can fit into a standard type of car, truck or van. You can customize each one by deciding on how strong or weak the different sections are. You can choose which dice you want to allocate to the four areas are. The lower dice are either rookie drivers, small engine, light or no armour, and/or lightly armed compared to the high end dice choice where your a lone wolf who is very experienced and has massive amount of armour and a Big block engine and a gun that he is over compensating for. 
You allocate the dice amount to each area as follows:
Engine: D6, D8, D10, D12
Driver: D6, D8, D10, D12
Armour: D6, D8, D10, D12
Weapons: D6, D8, D10, D12
Movement is done by placing down movement cards much like how Wings of War/Glory work.
You have a certain amount of Action points to use per turn and the amount is derived from what engine you have. Also you have three attack tokens to use per turn. I am going to have a game at the end of the week to show how the game is played and see how the kids like it will go into more detail then but for now here are the cars we converted up.. the kids helped with the weapon configuration and colour scheme and I painted them up and glues the weapons on..

Sin Eaters:
Misfits, Rejects, atheists, and the forlorn have gathered together each one blames the Church for the wars and the ends of days. Some are truly evil others are just lost...


2013-09-24 13.55.16

2013-09-24 13.54.46

United Road Workers:[URW]
The back bone of America these men and women were those responsible for the repair and construction of the many highways. Now they protect what they can and keep it open for all to use.

The Foreman:
2013-09-24 13.53.37

Road Hazard:
2013-09-24 13.54.18

Strike Fire:
2013-09-24 13.53.24

Angel's of the Apocalypse:
The remnants of the Church have banded together to protect those that can not protect themselves. Some say they are touched by God other's by insanity and delusions.

Fire of God:
2013-09-24 13.52.33

Divine Right:
2013-09-24 13.52.46

Heaven's Might:
2013-09-24 13.53.00

Red Star Rangers:
What's left of those who were the law enforcers. These brave men and women risk it all to bring peace and stability to the regions they patrol.

Ranger 077:
2013-09-24 13.55.49

2013-09-24 13.56.10

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